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Bosch security monitoring center network

Certification according to European Standard EN 50518

Associates in the Bosch Monitoring Center

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First monitoring center network with two certified alarm receiving centers

We are one of the first companies in Germany to build a geo-redundant and thus duplicate and spatially separated infrastructure. This means that if one of our two alarm receiving centers fails, the second one steps in immediately in its place. The first point of contact for emergency messages to Bosch has been certified since 2012 according to European Standard EN 50518 and VdS 3138.

The second alarm receiving center in the network now also has the EN 50518 Certificate from VdS. The renowned institution for corporate security confirms that systems and processes in both alarm receiving centers meet the most stringent technical demands.

We are very proud that our network of monitoring centers is one of the first operating two EN 50518 certified computer centers.

Karlheinz Fleckenstein, Director of the Monitoring Centers Network

Each receiving center can operate independently if the other one fails. Messages from the alarm sensor are transmitted by the two alarm receiving centers to one of two Bosch monitoring centers in Magdeburg and Berlin – with a response time of milliseconds. The monitoring centers are authorized to immediately inform the fire department or police – or optionally call in a partner company. All intervention partners respond as quickly as possible in order to provide the required assistance.

The security centers in the network are staffed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. For example, if people are stuck in an elevator, the emergency call will reach specially trained associates. They not only immediately arrange for assistance, but also calm those trapped inside. The basis for the rapid deployment is a comprehensive network of intervention partners who respond immediately and reliably.

About the network of Bosch security monitoring centers

As a private provider, Bosch Service Solutions operates one of the largest networks of monitoring centers in Germany. The monitoring centers process up to 80 million alarms annually. More than 60,000 customers trust us with over 150,000 connections – including more than 50,000 connected elevator emergency call systems.

All around safety for all incidents

We began more than 30 years ago as a monitoring center focusing on alarm messaging technology. Initially, we supported primarily stationary objects such as buildings, elevators or industrial plants. Since then, the market has developed quite rapidly in the area of mobile connections. The applications in the monitoring centers range from the eCall-emergency call in a private automobile, which triggers an automatic emergency call in case of an accident, to the tracking and tracing of vehicles, freight and containers in logistics, to personal protection solutions.

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